Thursday, October 31, 2013


Everyone, please do me a favor and go to control panel, in XP add/remove programs or in vista/7/8, Programs and features. 

Look for Sendori or Conduit. These two sons of bitches are a huge source of spyware that is on your computers.  These two assholes download constantly other programs to steal data, annoy the hell out of you, install viruses and on top of whatever else they do. They are really considered legit programs because they are only downloading things, they are not the bad programs. 

So please look in add/remove programs or programs and features and remove them.  When they are gone then look for any type of toolbar program. UNINSTALL ALL TOOLBARS. They are a source of crape are too.  When you have all of that crap gone then proceed over to and download the latest version of Malwarebytes. Do a full scan.   When it's done, click on SHOW RESULTS.   Then make sure you check all the check boxes (hint click on the first one, then arrow down and the space bar to select them fast).   Then click on REMOVE SELECTED. 

Run Malwarebtyes on a fairly regular basis to keep your computer clear of spyware. 

Install a good antivirus like AVG, Vipre, Trendmicro, Norton, McAfee, etc. 

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Monday, October 28, 2013

Free Network Assessment

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New Blog Page

Hello All

This is my new Blog page because my old one was setup with OOOOOOLD Google infrastructure so Google Apps people couldn't use any other Google apps so I had to use another email to sign in...etc. Blah, annoying and plus I haven't used the other blog ( in a looong time, since about 2011.  

Anyway, I will try and update this more with some pertinent information whenever I can.

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